Is the Fingazoom compatible with all lenses?
Yes, the Fingazoom is designed to be compatible with a wide range of lenses of any brand. It fits all filter thread diameters from 55mm to 77 mm. It is 12.6 inches and has 8 locking notches, which allows it to be attached to lenses whose circumference is between 7 inches and 10.2 inches. Its elasticity allows it to fit perfectly onto your lens for more accurate movement.

Is it also possible to use the Fingazoom with the focus ring?
Although originally designed to improve the zoom ring ergonomics of digital SLR Camera lenses, the Fingazoom may also be installed on the focus ring. You can even combine two Fingazooms on the same lens: one on the zoom ring and the other on the focus ring!

Where can I buy the Fingazoom?
You can buy the Fingazoom in our online store and have it delivered anywhere in the world. In addition, it is available at photo/video retailers in Canada, the United States and Europe.

What is the delivery time for purchases in the online shop?
The delivery date shall depend on the availability of the merchandise and the delivery address: 3 to 7 jours for North America and Europe, 10 to 15 days for the rest of the world.